Mafia - Highly Compressed

Mafia - Highly Compressed, is Game Low Spec, Genre this game is Action, Adventure, and Open World, Download Mafia - Highly Compressed from pcgamelow with Single Link ( Google Drive ).
Tommy Angelo meets detective Norman at a restaurant and offers to tell him everything he knows about his boss, Don Salieri, and his criminal activities, in exchange for a shortened sentence and protection for him and his family. He recounts his time back in 1930 as a taxi driver and a chance encounter with two of Salieri's henchmen, Paulie and Sam, who he rescues from hitmen working for Salieri's arch-enemy, Don Morello. The next day, he is attacked by the same two hitmen, but manages to run to Salieri's bar, where the two attackers are killed. Indebted, Tommy agrees to work for Salieri and the organization and starts a relationship with bartender Luigi's daughter, Sarah, whom he protects from a group of men that try to attack her. In revenge, Tommy and Paulie attack two of the men, killing one, who is later revealed to be the son of a city councilor, who is a friend of the mayor and Morello. Salieri's consigliere, Frank, orders Tommy to blow up a brothel whose owner has begun working for Morello and assassinate a target who has been providing information on Salieri. When Tommy confronts the informant and realizes it is Sarah's friend, Michelle, he is unable to kill her and instead orders her to leave the city and never return. Tommy later marries Sarah, and she gives birth to his daughter.


System Requirements

CPU:Pentium III 500MHz/ Athlon XP 1600+
CPU Speed:Info
RAM:128 MB
OS:Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
Video Card:16 MB video card with DirectX 8.1 compatible drivers

Sound Card:Yes
Free Disk Space:2 GB

Link Download Mafia - Highly Compressed
Size : 1.2GB


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